This is one of my first projects. So please ignore errors. Thanks.

This project creating a lot of joules. We are talking about high voltage and current which can kill someone instantly. Just be carefull and think your life before trying to do this.

Step 1: Get Ready!

You will need:

1.Ballast (A powerfull and good quality one. Mine is 36W.)

2.A Flyback

3.Chicken Stick (You can do it yourself easily)

4.Equipments for testing. (Flourescents, cables, CD's, etc..)

5.Mineral Oil

6.Experience and knowledge. We are meaning HV!

Step 2: Easiest Part

You can see circuit easily and you can do it. AC power of your house comes to ballast and voltage increases and out must be 450-600v. Then give output to your flybacks primary coil. Then you are ready.

Step 3: Oil Bath

Don't forget to isolate your ballast and flyback with oil. Or they will burn in no time. If your ballast fry you need to change your transistors also some capacitors.. So be carefull and obey isolating rule.

Step 4: You Are Ready to Test It Out.

You can do a lot of things with your HV supply.

You can try to cut some glass, burn paper, melt ice, melt metals..

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