Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x5W





Introduction: Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x5W

Bluetooth Speaker

Make your own powerfull Bluetooth Speaker with some extra features, easy explained, cheap and handy to use for less then 15$.

Maybe you have some components which you don't need to buy like 5W speakers and some lithium batteries to make it less expensive like I did.

In the following steps I will try to explain on the easiest way how to assemble this bluetooth speaker, people who don't know a lot of electronics will understand I hope :)

This speaker has a very long battery life when you use good 18650 lithium batteries.

I found 4x 18650 lithium batteries which I used in parallel and has a total of 6000mah, the speaker plays over 24 hours on the highest volume which is very loud.

You can charge the speaker with a micro USB, which is very handy!

I also added a voltmeter display wich I bought on ebay so I will know when the batteries are almost empty.

The last new thing I added to the speaker is the 5V usb out so you can charge your smartphone or other stuff.

In the next video I will show you the finished speaker and play a song to show you.

Step 1: Collect the Parts You Need

What do you need?

- Bluetooth audio usb:Ebay

- Micro usb charger module(with protection):Ebay

I bought 2 of these just because they are very usefull.

- 5V usb output:Ebay

- 2x5W amplifier:Ebay

I should really recommand THIS Amplifier, after I building it with the normal one I deccided to add a volume switch because the bluetooth usb has a very loud startup sound!

If you want to add a single speaker you can use a mono amplifier (or buy a 5w mono amplifier)

- 3.7V lithium 18650 battery:NKON

I found my lithium battery in a router/modem, you can easy find them in laptop batteries, the battery of a drill or other electrical stuff. You just need a 3.7V Lithium Battery (You can also buy them on the internet)
I would really recommend to search very good after these because they aren't cheap.

- 3 position switch:Ebay

The one I used did I find from an old toy

- 2 Speakers 5W:Ebay

Again i found mine in some old pc speakers

- Rubber (or passive radiators)

- Wires

- Material to make a box

Step 2: Put the Parts Together

Put the parts together

Connect the parts with wires which you can see in the picture.

You need to dissasemble the bluetooth usb first and solder it like I showed in the picture.

It doesn't matter or the bluetooth usb gets 5V or 3.7V, it will work both.

Something I forgot to add in the schema is the V-meter display, just connect it to the + and - of the lithium batteries.

I used a 3 position switch, position1 is aux input and position2 is bluetooth mode.

Step 3: Put Everything in a Box

Here are some pictures during the assemblage of the speaker.

I made the box out of wood, this would give you an excellent audio quality.

I didn't bought passive radiators but found some rubber and I tried to make it by myself.

Step 4: Give the Final Touch to the Speaker

I need to put a grill in front of the speakers, but I like it more without them to make pictures to post :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anything!

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Can I use 12 volt 1.2Ah battery



Sorry i'am french

is it possible with all bluetooth dongles or those that make audio?


@afiqr6 the picture of the center speaker I added a pbuetooth module to! Perfect size, EASY to upgrade and cheap!


can i take a speaker and upgrade it with add a bluetooth...

1 reply

Yes you can! I found an old center speaker for a surround sound that looked ok and added my own speakers and a Bluetooth amp. Not yet portable but sounds amazing. :-)


can you tell me the size of the box?
and would these speakers work too with this setup?

Hoi, mijn speakers werken! Blijkt dus dat de charging module kapot was. Denk dat ik met het solderen de chip heb doorgebrand. Voordat ik de case ga bouwen had ik nog iets cools gevonden wat ik er bij zou willen bouwen. Ik heb alles aangesloten zoals het hoort volgens die instructable. Maar het werkt niet. De transistor heeft 0.7V ongeveer nodig om aan te gaan. Als ik gewoon de Aux aansluiting van mijn mobiel aansluit gaat het licht niet aan. Herna heb ik gemeten hoeveel volt er op de aux staat. Zegt het 0 volt. Maar het geluid werkt wel. Als ik de bluetooth module aanzet staat er altijd 0.7V op de Aux en staat de led dus ook aan. Maar het voltage verandert niet dus weergeeft het ook geen ritme. Hopelijk kan je mij hier mee helpen.

De instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Bo...

Bedankt voor de mooie instructable Bartroosen!

1 reply

Het is me al gelukt! Ik moest 2 10K resistors plaatsen en een 10 uF condensator. Want de aux singaal was te zwak.

Hey bartroosen im thinking of making a bluetooth speaker but i need some help, can the charger support 4 batteries? and im thinking to buy 2 2*3w amp and 1 bluetooth, if the bluetooth is 5v do i need a step up converter ? and if the amps are 5v do i need a step up converter? sorry for bad english

How do the rubber passive radiator alternatives perform?

Is the low end improved?

1 reply

its hard to tell from mic from camera.it sounds good.Radiator driver's are tricky they work best with speakers that have a excursion.Radiator drivers work off the pressure inside the box more pressure the more they move also the box has to be completely sealed.I will tell you this there are some that are Garbage out there all they are is a steel plate with some rubber around them. Personally I like the ones you screw down because you can put a thin piece of weather striping on it and screw it down for a good seal.Parts express sells some cheap 10.00 speakers that are full range 3 in they have a dull gold face.i believe but I'm not fully sure I think there tang band. they also sell some radiator drivers they have a high excursion 6.5 that works real nice with 4 4 inch tang band speakers.the picture below is the what those 3 inch 10.00 speakers look like. put them in a small box with a 4 inch radiator driver in it and unbelievable for how small and the sound for the price.


here are examples with radiator driver facing down

3 replies

Woow thanks that's looking awesome!
Thanks for the idea!

I was wanting to do this with some 10w speakers I have laying around, would they work or would I need a better power supply?

1 reply

Of course they will work ;) I have tested the aplifier with 4ohm 10W speakers and still very loud and good sound.

Please help
overheats my amplifier until until it shuts down

I used a USB Bluetooth module in another project. I found that the output jack ground was not DC ground but had a DC voltage on it. Was your USB Bluetooth this way? I used only DC ground for power and signal. I'm also wondering if the 5V step-up module eliminated the Bluetooth noise? What program did you use to draw the wiring diagrams with pictures. I would like to do my instructable the same way.

2 replies

Hi well I really don't know but I think the ground has no voltage?
If you really want no background noise you can put a ground isolator bewteen the bluetooth and the amplifier.

Your USB Bluetooth receiver looks different. Mine does have a voltage on the output jack common. I think it is .9V which shouldn't be shorted to ground. It seems to get a good signal ground through the negative power lead so only 4 wires are connected. This is in a CD boombox. I silenced the noise completely with the 2 capacitors shown and a 1 ohm resistor on the positive lead. The black component between the capacitors is a diode. This receiver will work from 3.7V if it is connected to the side of that diode where the 470µf capacitor is but I don't know what that does to the noise.