This is my first Instructable, tell me if you like it. After extensive use the main gray rod bends, so you might need to replace it or you can use a black rod instead.

4 yellows
1 gray
10 blues
18 small greens
9 whites


4 blues
14 yellows
3 whites
2 reds
1 orange
2 grays
14 gray spacers
2 blue spacers
2 black caps

6 rubber bands

Step 1: Trigger

making the trigger system

Step 2: Body

Making the bod of the gun

Step 3: Trigger System and Body

Attach the trigger system to the body like this.

Step 4: Make This

make this

Step 5: Finishing the Body

attach the two parts.

Step 6: Attaching the Rubbar Bands

follow the pics.

Step 7: How to Load It

loading the crossbow.
how many rubber bands do you have to use???
i like it! good job! this is ok for a first, but please try to build something more complex than this for your next!
-_- boring -_-
Please dont post stuff like this. This is bad, and gives us knexers a bad reputation.

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