This was actually surprisingly easy to do.

If you do not know Powermat is a "wireless" charging station. You need the station and you need the unit for your phone.

The stations come in a 3 unit, 2 unit or single mat. You can buy the thing together as in a single mat and phone back or individually.

The idea is instead of having to plug in your phone, you just place it on top and it charges it with almost no wires. Now the problem is unless you have a iPhone chances are you have to use a power cube which means you still have to plug your phone in to a cube. That defeats the whole purpose.

Now i have a Sprint HTC Arrive (Windows Phone FTW) which means they do not have a compatible back plate for my phone.

My phone gets pretty decent battery life and i dont mind charging it at home like i usually do. What i do hate is charging it in my car. So (future upcoming instructable) i thought it would be really cool to have one in my car's center console. But first i need the backing.

Now i looked at others (Energizer, Duracell) and the one that looked the easiest was Powermat. How theirs work is that you replace your battery cover with their cover and you have to kind of keep it plugged it into your usb port to charge like normal.

So first thing you need is to find a powermat phone backing that has the plug matching yours. Easy you think, just about all of them use micro usb now. Ah but HTC has their oriented differently than say Samsung or Motorola, so if you have a HTC phone you need to find the back cover for HTC Evo 4g, because HTC HD2 will not work.

So what you need:

Powermat station
Powermat phone cover
Dremel Drill / Snips of some kind.
Phone case

Now i got lucky and Best Buy has the HTC Evo 4g backing with the single station for $19.99! Thats like half off! So i bought two. But they are on clearance so be quick.

Step 1: Take It Apart

Now open your box, get to the backing and you will see that it is covered in a sticker.

Take that sticker off and you will see the wiring. Then take the board off.

Its all stuck on there with adhesive so comes off rather easy.

Now you will see the first problem, if you look at the connector its 'one sided' meaning it is using the case for the other side to hold the plug in.

My Arrive has a keyboard, meaning it has a bit of a back. So I check to see if it will fit.

Fits very nicely for me. I even placed the receiver on the pad to make sure it charges. The only problem is the bevel of my phone puts the connector at a bit of a angle, and with no other side to the connector it very easily loses connection. Will have to fix that

Now i see how well my case will hit with the receiver in between, not to bad.

This might come together easily

I'm gonna test it out on a nokia lumia 710 but I would like to do it on a Huawei w1
you couldve taken your phones battery cover off for a little bit more room, that might help a bit too.<br><br>when i saw those on tv i noticed that they were only making them for specific products (ds, iphone, ipod, etc.)<br>if i can find one for that cheap i might just have to try this with my samsung impact, i always pull the charging cord out of it when i pick it up.
Best buy had some Droid X ones on sale which use the same usb orientation as Samsung i believe.<br><br>I wanted to keep the phone as unchanged as possible so i tried not to do anything to the phone itself. I got lucky that the case fit on there well enough to where its unnoticeable. If needed i could have dremeled out a bit of the case. <br><br>

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