Introduction: Powerstrip Cover

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Powerstrip are usefull but ugly.
And if you try to hide them it's not conveniance to plug/unplug.

With this box, I’m not ashamed to display a powerstrip on my desk and no contortion to use it.

Step 1: Supplies

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A powerstrip and cardboard.

This is a french powerstrip but it can be done with any country powerstrip, just adapt the size !

Step 2: Assembly

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Assembly of the different parts with kraft tapes.

More and more packaging includes mini-magnets. Keep them, they can serve!

Step 3:

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A piece of fabric glued with Mod Podge and double-sided tape to fix the powerstrip in the box.

With only one hand I lift the cover, I connect my plug and I close.
Unnoticed my laptop is charging! And it’s as easy to unplug it ;-)

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