Step 2: Using it

Picture of Using it
If you're using the Powerthief outside, be aware that you do not know what sort of cabling your powersource uses. Because of that, it's potentially dangerous for you and your equipment - we strongly advise against hooking up a 3000W projection/sound system as it might melt the cables and/or the Powerthief.

This tool is intended as an alternative powersource for people that want to elevate their voices outside, but are in a situation in which using other equipment such as batteries and inverters or gas generators isn't an option (for example because of $$$). Be absolutely sure that this is what you want to use.

Even though in the video we have a projector that has rather low light output, our tests with regular home projectors that take 300W to 500W and have between 2500 and 4000 ANSI lumens were successful and reliable, even using them for longer than an hour was not a problem.


Thanks to everyone involved and surrounding the development of this project: F*, Quartier digitaler Kultur, Bre Pettis, Evan Roth, James Powderly, Theo Watson
not only do they use differant power plug but they use a differant voltage the screw in outlets woudnt work there and would probily short out anything you even tried plugging into it
socalcovey6 years ago
I'd be happy to sell him a dozen!
rockbtm6 years ago
Or, you can just go down to the local hardware store and buy a screw-in outlet. Some of them have two outlets and a socket for a bulb. Probably about $2.50 - or is that taking all the fun out of it?
Those are not sold in the UK. That's why they had to make one themselves.