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Introduction: Ppsh-41 Preview

About: I'm an intermediate knexer who builds replica guns and performance guns. If you would like me to make a replica of a gun, just ask. If you would like me to build your gun and review it, just ask. My gamertag...

Here's my newest, and best, gun.

-looks sick
-20 round hi caps
-textured butt
-fake charging handle
-the best irons on the site
-True trigger
-Requires no broken peices
-Mag is detachable+storable

-Weak stock
-Sometimes shotguns
-External mag pusher



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    you put requires no broken peices but to make the trigger guard you deformed a red stick ????????

    4 replies

    the "deformed stick" was a bendy one

    There are no flexible rods of red length (5 1/8"). The reason he added "no broken pieces" is because the trigger guard is not required for this model to function, it only makes it look more realistic.

    you can probably find a flexible peice in your box some where or, dont build it at all. either way works. cheers

    That looks sick!
    But how far does it shoot? That's pretty important :D

    1 reply

    IDK, shot well tho

    you called it preview, so i hope you'll post it soon!

    I hope so, cause i already loved this gun since i saw the first picture!

    You are one of my favourite knexers!

    1 reply

    If I can find the photos, I'll post it

    Is/ was the mag reliable and could i use the design for my type 100

    2 replies

    yes, extremely relaible.

    put an Ironman mag on it, if you can. As for the weak stock, lighten and hollow it up.

     Its got its flaws but other than that, 4 stars.

    no, it's not.