Exploding of the capacitor due to wrong polarity :) at 3Amp 12V input
<p>Have not seen it happen to this type, however this used to be a common thing with electrolytics before they started to score the tops as a 'safety valve'. Had a Industrial control instructor demonstrate it one night in lab. Hooked it up reverse, threww the variac all the way up, and ran like H***</p>
I've seen one of these blown up capacitors but haven't seen it blow up. You should make a vid showing it blow up! : )
Hahaha...tantanum is very costly :D
Never heard of tantanum. Though I think<strong> <em>tantalum </em></strong>capacitors are expensive ! LOL! : ) <sub>when I read this comment back to myself it makes me feel nerdy. :/</sub>
Oh shoot! I've never seen one of these blown up before.

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