Step 6: assembly

Assemble the pieces by "Inserting slot A into slot B."
<p>I would suggest attaching to a string so that you can pull it around.</p>
My kitty will gonna crazy. Thanks!
My 12 month old, 8 pound kitten could make short work of this. By short I mean 1-2 minutes.
May just have to try this out on my ferrets, though they will probably prefer to chew it than chase it!
My cats just like foil balls, usually used foil from cooking (mostly wiped off though), I think they like it cos most of the time it smells like bacon... :D
That seems like a lot of instructions for such a simple project but still good idea.
Tie a piece of string to it, and pull it across the room from around a corner =]<br/>
Nice! great fun, simple harmless. great instructions

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