Practically Free Planter Pouches





Introduction: Practically Free Planter Pouches

A super simple, quick, easy, and darn cute planter pouch project! Great for kids of all ages!

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

My local big box hardware store, Menards, has free sample pieces of outdoor carpet which is the basis of this project. Hopefully your local store does too though if not, the stuff is usually so inexpensive, purchasing a strip shouldn't run more than a dollar or two.

From around the house I collected buttons, pieces of felt, embroidery thread, sew-on decorative elements, and twine. Also needed are large sewing needles. You might be able to get away with hot glue if you are not good with a needle and thread.

As a crafty person, I already had all of this stuff laying around, but if you don't, your local craft or fabric store will have all of these items for very cheap.

Step 2: Attach Decorative Elements

Start by attaching the decorative elements to one piece of the outdoor carpet. You can either stitch them on with a needle and regular thread or you could likely hot glue the items on.

Step 3: Attach the Outdoor Carpet Pieces Together

I used embroidery thread and a large needle, doing a simple blanket stitch around the edges. You can possibly hot glue them together, but as I haven't tried that, I can't attest to its ability to hold up. Do note that if you pick up outdoor carpet similar to what's shown in this photo, it does unravel really easily.

Step 4: Thread Through Twine

Poke or cut some small holes at the top, through both pieces of carpet, thread a length of twine through and knot.

(Here I made a little felt flower by freehand cutting some small pieces then stitched them onto the carpet.)

Step 5: Wrap It Up!

Fill the pouches with potting soil, plant a couple of sweet little flowering plants in them and hang them up by the twine. A great project if you have limited outdoor space!



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I just moved to a new place that allows outdoor decorations! I LOVE this. Thank you! We have a huge rock wall, trees & a metal fence. These will be so cute!

Thanks so much! I hope the idea works out well for you!

What a cute idea. They look like they belong hanging on the fence. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day.


Thank you so much! Glad to share with such nice people such as yourself!

Thank you very much! And thanks for checking them out!