Picture of Practice Fire / Contact Staff - Cheap and Easy

Hello there.

So I wanted to learn how to spin a Fire Staff and/or do Contact manipulation of a staff. But I did not want to invest a lot of money until I knew I was going to like it.

Searching the internet and instructables yielded many results on making staff out of aluminum rods, shower curtain rods and wood dowels. But those items tend to be:

a) expensive
b) hard to come by
c) too heavy and
d) hurts a LOT when it hits you in the face.

So I went to my local H*** Despot and Wally-Market and picked up supplies to make a PVC Practice Fire / Contact Staff.

Total Cost: Less than $20.
End Result: Staff that does not hurt me (much) as I learn to spin.

Please Note: At NO point should this practice staff be set on fire!

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Step 1: Parts List and Tools

Picture of Parts List and Tools

 1/2" - 1" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. 10 ft is $2.00
Foam exercise mat or camping mat - $6
Role of duct tape. $4
Really big nails: $1
Contact cement: $3
Tennis racket grip tape. $4

Hack saw

Step 2: Cut to length

Picture of Cut to length

I read staff length can be 2, 3, or 4 feet. I read someplace else that the staff should go from floor to mid-sternum. Then there is the physics of it, Fast spinners want the staff short, slow spinners want the staff long.

I went for the mid-sternum method. And it just so happens to be 4 feet. And at $2 for 10 ft of PVC pipe, I have enough to make two more that are 3 ft each.

I went back to the hardware store and purchased another 10 ft length of pvc and made another staff 3ft 4in. So I have a full range of staffs.

Mark the length you need with sharpie and cut with your hack saw.

hashesh1 year ago

foam can be used as KEVLAR wick ??

possible ?

how long it will last ?

n i have steel staff , tell me how to paste foam on staff ??

MrTinkerer (author)  hashesh1 month ago

Please Note: At NO point should this practice staff be set on fire! (in the intro page).

OscarR1 hashesh9 months ago

I would not use anything other than kevlar to use for burning. Foam is plastic with air bubbles in it, if you burn it'll stink and melt, and not be useable again.

Read the note at the top. Do NOT set this staff on fire

OscarR19 months ago

Personally I'd use bicycle inner tube as it's mega cheap (£/$ store) and simply wrap the inner tube to the ends of the staff. I have found that if you start the inner tube about a foot into the staff and spiral to the end, getting thicker as you go, the weight isn't completely at the ends, I prefer this feel for contact staff.

Be sure to wrap the rubber REALLY tight so it wont slip out of place over time. Once I taped the inner tube down with insulation tape that I had lying around, I wrapped it in foam tape. This is because when the rubber is pulled tight it's really hard can hurt alot. I wrapped the foam tape under the grip and over the rubber, then used gro gaff high vis tape to make it pretty. I'd recommend using clear heatshrink as the finish. the clear tape I sued as a finish over the high vis isn't very good and I've not found any clear tape that does the job... clear heatshink will add weight and make it easy to clean. the foam under the grip makes it nice and squishy....

tho these staffs are really heavy (in the right places) (great for contact) they are really forgiving due to all the foam.

ps, staff length should be anywhere between your nipple and chin. (standing obv)

MrTinkerer (author)  OscarR11 month ago

Hey Oscar,

Thank you for your contribution on this instructable. Your comment is very informative. I have used inner tube rubber as well to make these practice staff. I used it in place of foam on the ends.


Thanks you very much for this great instructable!

I want to learn staff contact but i was asking myself is this contact staff enought heavy? It seems very light...

(Sorry for the mistakes i may have made, i don't speek english very well! ^^)

MrTinkerer (author)  desdemone20131 month ago

i have made more of these staffs. Use really large galvanized nails (8-10 inch spikes). In addition, instead of foam, wrap the ends with inner tube rubber. It makes it really heavy.

Ok thank you!