Introduction: Pramuka-Bot 2.0: Morse & Semaphore Robot (Arduino Bluetooth Controlled)

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Here's the improvement of my Arduino project before, which called Pramuka-Bot (click here). For your information, the word "Pramuka" stands for "Praja Muda Karana", it's a kind of Scout Movement in my country, Indonesia. This Pramuka-Bot 2.0 can perform morse, semaphore and shown alphabets/numbers on screen at once. I made it with an Arduino Mega board, protoboard shield (optional), a bluetooth module HC-05, a buzzer & LED (to perform morse), 2 servo motors performing semaphore and 2,4" TFT LCD shield. First, please watch the demonstration video below.

Step 1: Demonstration


Please wait for its fully instructables. It's my first time here & I'm trying to make it complete as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


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Cool robot!

thank you so much ^_^

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