Prank 101


Introduction: Prank 101

This is the best way to prank one of your best friends and family.

Step 1: How to Start the Prank.

You will need a black picture. You will have to put the black picture in full screen. When you are done with that add a fake virus. ( The way you make a fake virus is you put a image of a virus on the black screen.) Then send a email to the person you are pranking from the same computer. ( Create a fake account.)

Step 2: Set It Up.

Ones you are done sending the email. Take that email and send them a message that says. Dear,_______ Your computer has a virus called MyDoom and it is destroying your computer. If you don't deal with this right away your computer will deactivate in 10-20 minutes.



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    Wouldn't the picture be obviously fake considering it would be seen in an email viewing application?

    Thanks for sharing. Have you ever done this yourself?