Prank "Sand" Dessert





Introduction: Prank "Sand" Dessert

This is a dessert inspired by something I saw online! Prank your friends by eating "Sand".
You will need:
1/2 a package of vanilla wafers
2-3 Oreos
4 oz cream cheese
1/8 cup butter
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 small package vanilla pudding
2 2/8 cup milk
6 oz cool whip

Step 1: Smash It!

Put the wafers and the Oreos in a ziplock and smash them with a hammer. We had a food hammer but you could use a real one. (Trust me it works) make sure it has the consistency of sand.

Step 2: Mix It!

Now leave your cream cheese out to soften along with your butter. Once they are both softened cream them together with the powdered sugar!

Step 3: Mix Some More!

Now combine the pudding mix with the milk in another bowl!
Combine this mixture with the cream cheese mixture.

Step 4: Once Again Mix

Fold in the cool whip.

Step 5: LAYER

Now just layer the sand and the pudding in a cup! Prank your friends!



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Lol! I probably would to.

I'd gag if someone ate that and I didn't know that it was a prank!