Picture of Prank - Wasabi Toothpaste
 So My friend and I were in a little prank war, and I figured a nice prank would be to somehow make him eat something spicy, as he is the whitest guy on the  earth. But, as prank warriors may know, when you're in a prank war, you suspect EVERYTHING! He will smell tabasco or other peppers from a mile away and will never put it in his mouth. I needed something that will take him by surprise. So you can imagine the light bulb above my head when I figured out he changed his toothpaste from a white one to a green one :) WASABI TIME!

I talk Hebrew in this video, but its nothing important. Sorry about the video quality - its a phone's camera. 

Step 1: Get Wasabi

Picture of Get Wasabi
 you can buy it in the supermarket, and you can go to a sushi place and get some for free. 
I chose the free way as you can see :)

It is also prefered if the toothpaste is greenish in color for obvious reasons.

ANDY!5 years ago
 ice cream...looks like green tea ice cream.
craig35 years ago
oooh wow that's gotta suck, hilarious to watch, but suck for the victim. I've seen this done of tv but using mince meat instead, the victim didn't even realise, they said it tasted funny but kept brushing their teeth