Picture of Prank handshake

This activity is the Prank Handshake project from the
Little Bits project book that came with the Deluxe Kit.

Step 1: Prank handshake

Picture of Prank handshake

Find the battery in the kit.


Oh this is goooooooooooood

can you do a easier instucteble for this

As long as you have the supplies, LittleBits are super easy to use. And they are really fun!

It's littlebits it can't get easier
DTOM_Bear1 year ago

I guess I'm just old. I remember when joy buzzers were small, inconspicuous, fit on a finger, didn't require batteries, and sleeve length had nothing to do with it.

those were more of sudden vibrators with a loud noise, but this actually gives an electric shock!

No it doesn't it's just a buzzer

can you do a easier instucteble for this

Carleyy1 year ago

Very fun! Did you get any funny reactions from the pranking?

Thanks, the kids loved it! Our program leader dressed in full "mad scientist" attire with the buzzer under it and all the 2nd and 3rd graders all thought it was hilarious!