Picture of Prank your friends? With a water bottle?
This is my first instructable, so minimum flaming please.

This is a prank that you can do in about 5 minutes.
It is really easy to do, and can have your friend laughing along with you!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Picture of Tools and Supplies
What you will need is.....

-X-Acto knife/blade/razor/etc.
-Hot glue, with gun
-2 bottles, doesn't matter, just make sure that one of them is clear
-an extremely thirsty person, doesn't work as well when they aren't that thirsty
berky936 years ago
nice idea, but you really need better pictures. try the macro setting on your camera I like the geeky version of this - get ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) and put it into a paper cup. hold a strong magnet onto the bottom of the cup and dump it on someone - the fluid stays attracted to the magnet!
stitches22 (author)  berky936 years ago
my camera only has -auto -movie -nightscene -portrait -scene -manual -asr -program its the samsung s85 so idk what the macro button is i also like that idea with the magnetic fluid, but where do you get it?
Just read one of the 3,741 instructables available on how to mod your camera to do closeups :-)
110100101106 years ago
you can stick a round piece in the neck without cutting the bottle its simpler to make and cannot be seen from outside at all however you cant fill much water in the top part i liked it ! i am gonna try it somehow !
stitches22 (author)  110100101106 years ago
thanks dude! you gave me an idea! it is sorta like you're idea, but you have to cut it to make it big enough to block the water
no need at all cut a flat disk that exactly fits in the neck and glue it in there with hot glue thru the top
stitches22 (author)  110100101106 years ago
oooo, but then its prolly gonna be way to obvious to have a piece of plastic right at the lid
image can solve our problem
stitches22 (author)  110100101106 years ago
but then wouldnt it slip out the bottom? or do u have to glue it?
stitches22 (author)  stitches226 years ago
duh common sense, of course you glue it, wasnt thinking straight when i put that