Picture of Prank/Secret Storage - iPhone USB Cable
I had a USB memory stick that had fallen apart, and I had an iphone USB cable that didn't work. So I thought about combining the two and making a secret USB storage cable, which can then be used to prank people.

I used an iPhone cable as I had a broken one, but you could do this with any USB cable.

Date made: March 2013
Approx Cost: £0 - reusing old broken stuff
Approx Time: 0.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need
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2013 10:43.jpg
2013 10:43.jpg
1. iPhone cable
2. Scissors/knife
3. Glue
4. Rubber/Eraser (optional)
5. USB Storage.

I had a cheap copy of a LaCie USB key. It wasn't very well made and the cover kept splitting, and the internals would move as they weren't stuck down well. 

I threw the case out in the end as the internals moved and connectors would touch the metal case. Not clever.

I kept the inside though as it still worked fine.

For this task, you need a similar type of USB storage; a very small flat one! I'm sure there are plenty out there.

ibenkos7 months ago
This is so smart! Thanks for shearing your work :)
cwisneski10 months ago

Couldn't you connect the cable to the terminals on the flash drive, so the cable still works as intended?

You can create an autorun dummy program to say "Format in progress. Please whait" or something like that
workislove2 years ago
Haha, I love it. I have a second, beat up cable that this would be perfect for.
Neat!! :D
bird1234572 years ago
As a secret way of storing content this is a very good idea, but how is it a prank?
Mr_o_uk (author)  bird1234572 years ago
Name the storage drive "iPhone", Fill it with folder names that match that of an iPhone, but instead fill it with blank photos, warped photos, dodgy photos or some type of photo your friend wouldn't like (think phobia or scary)! Then when your friend uses it to plug in their iPhone, they will be surprised/worried by the content, or think they have a virus, as it doesnt match what should be on their phone! Alternatively, as someone else suggested, you could put a programe on it that would do something to the victims computer - they would think it is trustworthy at its connected to their own phone.

DanYHKim2 years ago
This could be used to conceal data from search, since a "cable" is not suspected of being a storage device. You could travel with a laptop that has a rather bland setup of Windows on its hard drive, then load up your subversive liveUSB Linux system from the USB storage drive.
Make a program that installs a Linux partition on the victim's hard drive.
Mr_o_uk (author)  4lifenerdfighter2 years ago
I didn't think of that, but yes, instead of photos you could put programs on there. They will believe its trustworthy as they think its linked to their phone!
zews2 years ago
and very sneaky
Dookster2 years ago
This is pretty good but you can connect the wires from the cable to the back of the pads to keep a functioning cable.
Mr_o_uk (author)  Dookster2 years ago
Do you mean connect to the USB storage pads? I can't see how this would work, as I think you can only run 1 USB at a time when things are spliced, and there is no way to 'turn off' or 'unplug' the storage.