Picture of Prayer Shawl
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This prayer shawl was knit for a husband and wife struggling with alzheimers disease. I used the traditional shawl pattern knitting two strands together on (US 13 needles) symbolizing the couple holding together on their journey through light and shadow, represented by the Off-White and Mink Brown sections. The Mushroom, or cocoa colored yarn was held throughout.
stinkymum7 years ago
Robin Kay7 years ago
Candawitz, I love your prayer shawl. Your comments are touching also.
I agree with deadalchemist. What a wonderful concept!
Great concept attached to the shawl. Very meaningful and beautiful craftsmanship!
candawitz (author)  deadalchemist7 years ago
Thanks for the compliment.
Great job, looks very nice, looks like a lot of work.
candawitz (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Hey, thanks for leaving your nice and complimentary comment.
kroper7 years ago
This shawl is just beautiful. I have made several prayer shawls and given them to friends who are going through cancer treatment or divorce or grieving the death of a loved one. Lots of times we tell people we'll pray for them, but this is evidence that we actually have prayed for them and people just appreciate that so much.
candawitz (author)  kroper7 years ago
You are sooo right! Many times words aren't enough, or cannot convey the depth of my feelings for the people I knit for. It's true. The shawls that we knit have an effect that is quite indescribable. Thanks for your kind word about this one, and keep on knitting!