Picture of Prayer Shawls
Fall 2007 030.jpg
Fall 2007 031.jpg
Fall 2007 032.jpg
Fall 2007 033.jpg
Fall 2007 034.jpg
Fall 2007 035.jpg
Fall 2007 036.jpg
Fall 2007 037.jpg
Fall 2007 038.jpg
summer 2007 255.jpg
summer 2007 256.jpg
summer 2007 257.jpg
summer 2007 258.jpg
These are some of the prayer shawls I have crocheted for co-workers, friends and family. I only use Lion's Brand Homespun Yarn, you might say I am hooked on this yarn! I got the patterns from a Lion's Brand Prayer Shawls book - they are also available on their website. I do these for people who are ill, have experienced a death of a loved one, for their birthday or just because I love them. I pray for the person while I make it and then have my priest bless it.
2 words: Nice job.