I guess everyone tried to use a Wiimote as a « virtual » steering wheel, and the experience itself can be so-so. It isn't very pratictal at best, and some games seemed not very responsive or precise.

Even if it's getting a bit « old » and less impressive now, the Wiimote still includes gyros and accelerometers that are really precise, and all that in a pretty cheap package. So why the pretty bad results most of the time ?

Well I'm no engineer, just a simple geek that thought my Wiimote, which was collecting dust for quite some time, could be put to better use. And one day, I had quite some free time and a few tools laying around. I knew something HAD to happen. That's how I somehow came up with a pretty low-tech yet effective Steering wheel !

Okay no more teasing, it's nothing incredible. Also I made an overall pretty crude job, but as I think no one posted something similar, I hope you can take some of the principles used here and make it more awesome. Seriously.

Before actually starting, let's just discuss a few facts to understand where we're heading, and why. So why those Wii remote wheels feel generally pretty bad ?

Well you could buy any super-class GT-5-style gaming peripheral, if you were waving it in the air, it wouldn't perform very good (Captain obviouuuuus!). The problem with the Wii Wheels aren't the precision of the Wiimote, but lack of a proper fixed support will only feel awkward and need some wider « margins of error » in precision to compensate for that. Which doesn't help.

So if we can make a simple and cheap system that could allow us to firmly support the Wii remote, we could bring out its true precision potential... Right ? Let's go then !

(I also advise you to read the entire thing first, check if you understand everything, and read the last step's notes to see what could be better and what isn't possible)

EDIT : added pictures with wiimote on it.

Step 1: Materials List

-2 x Roller wheels
-4 x Roller ball bearings (buy them separately even if your wheels go with them, they'll be of better quality)
- L-Shaped metal bracket
-1 x Long, 6 cm Bolt (Center Axis Bolt)
-1 x Short bolt (3 cm long)
-2 x Medium Bolt (4,5 cm long, 5,5 cm long)
-2 x Medium Bolts (no precise length required)
-Nuts ! I used 17 of them. Buy a pack.
-Something to make your wheel (I used some leftover wood, could use anything better)
-A cake.
The things you refer to as "roller axis" are called ball bearings or rolling bearings.
Ah yeah ! Now that you say it... Thanks. I'll correct this.
I don't know whether I am just being stupid, but where does the wii remote get mounted and how?
Na, it's me that stupidly didn't include a picture with a wiimote mounted. It's nothing incredible though, only used those... erm... plastic straps I guess it is ? I updated the 'ible with pictures on the first step. Please let me know if you have any other question.
You mean a zip tie?
...Yeah ^^ barrier language can be fun.
Yes I can imagine it is. At least your are trying to learn though, and are open to corrections which will help you use correct terms and broaden your vocabulary :)

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