I saw a tutorial online somewhere that showed how to modify a glue gun. It wasn't that good of a mod, and since I needed a precision glue applicator, i figured i'd make my first Instructable while getting what I needed. It was actually quite a simple mod, only took about half an hour start to finish, and cost me a whole dollar for the glue gun (gotta love dollar stores).

Step 1: Disassemble Glue Gun

To start off I unscrewed to glue gun, there were 4 screws. Easy  enough...then i also dismantled a Bic lighter discarding all but the little nipple the gas comes out from.  At this point i took my trusty knife and cut the glue gun casing at the handle so tha it could be inverted for a pen like grip(see photo)
after carving out a small piece of the plastic to allow for the joining of the pieces i used my low wattage soldering iron to fuse together the parts in the new positions.(if you dont have a low wattage soldering iron you can use a lighter but this is not advisable because burning plastic can be very dangerous.)
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What did you do with the trigger assembly / how do you get the glue to come out.<br /> P.S. first P.P.S decent instructable.<br />
&nbsp;its a push type, the original setup didnt have a trigger , just &nbsp;push the glue stick with your thumb like a syringe ..<br /> thanx, &nbsp;the thing worx great , especially with better quality glue sticks it makes things almost as permanent as crazyglue.
OK thanks<br />
&nbsp;np. sorry i forgot to mention that in the instructable.. thanx its my first .

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