Picture of Precision Tool Hanger for Pegboard
I like my pegboard tool hangers a lot. I especially like the screwdriver holders that hold six driver tools with a narrow shaft and a wide handle. Unfortunately, these holders are usually too wide to hold smaller, precision tools, so I decided to modify one.
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Step 1: The Problem

Picture of The Problem
Most of the time, I use my precision screwdrivers more than the regular sized ones, but I had no way to hang them from the pegboard over my workbench. I had to modify the standard holder to narrow the holes so it would hold smaller tools.

Step 2: The Solution

This is a pretty easy modification. I used a small pair of bolt cutters and some wide jawed channel-lock pliers to narrow the holes on the holder.

First, I used the bolt cutters to cut a little under a half inch off the free end of each loop. I didn't measure anything, I just made each cut where the wire started to bend around the curve. Next, I used the channel-lock pliers to pinch the remaining wire in two places to make a smooth, semi-round shape that is smaller than the original diameter. I found that it's easiest to make the first pinch closest tot he free end so the second pinch can close the remaining gap and leave a tight fit.

Step 3: Completed

Picture of Completed
The end result is exactly what I hoped. The precision tools now have a perfect place to live, right above my workbench. Best of all, the regular sized drivers still fit in the holes.
Wille B2 years ago
This is a great idea. I personally like using pegboard and think it is a great way to find tools quickly AND make sure I have them all.
pfred22 years ago
I just don't like threading tools in and out of holes. I made a screwdriver rack where I can just place them onto it, or pull them off of it. You could scale it for your smaller tools. The trick I found is the rack has to be tilted back slightly, or the tools fall right off of it. But once it is at the right angle, they come off, and on almost that easily.

You won't find any pegboard in my workspace ever. I have a whole list of gripes about the junk. Two things you can do that'll make it less hideous in my eyes though is paint it, that brown is like, well you know what it is like. Whatever color you choose try to pick one that doesn't absorb light. Battleship gray is nice. Also, tack the accessories in with hot glue. That still won't stop tools getting filthy dirty on the stuff, make it strong enough to support heavier objects, or stop it from being a dust trap, and fire hazard, but it is a start.
ProfMuggs (author)  pfred22 years ago
Yeah, a lot of people have poor opinions of pegboard but I don't mind it. It allows you to move things around easily and makes use of otherwise wasted space. Companies have come out with prettier solutions in recent years, but they are also much more expensive. Since this is just for my garage, I'm not too concerned about how it looks. Besides, it kinda matches my 50+ year old, recycled maple cabinets.
tdew2 years ago
Nice solution and not too difficult. Thanks.