Picture of Predator Bio Mask - Pepakura (updated)
I made a Master Chief Helmet from Halo a couple of years back for a space girl shoot. I didn't really finish it to a high standard, just painted it up with all the facets still in place. Seemed to look OK to me, however I liked the Pepakura system so I decided to look around for a Predator Bio helmet design and I found this PEP file


You will need the Pepakura Designer software which can be used for free with limitations. You can get the software


I downloaded the PDO PEP files, then had to re-arrange it because I am using A4 card for mine and the PEP is set up for Letter. No big deal, just shuffle the bits around.
I did find a different PEP file set up for A4 AFTER I had finished this, so I may decide to build that as well later.

Step 1: Print, cut out and assemble

Picture of Print, cut out and assemble
After you have downloaded the PEP file, use Pepakura to print it out onto card stock. I use standard card for this, it available at any good stationers or office supplies retailer. It's basically greeting card thickness, quoted in Europe as 180gsm, I don't know the US equivalent.
I used yellow card since that's what I had in stock.

This PEP came out at 8 pages. I began with the crown and worked my way downwards carefully cutting out the sections and gluing them together with general purpose glue.

Very fiddly, and time consuming. It took me two evenings of solid work to produce the card model. Some bits didn't seem to have quite the right contours compared to the movie stills I was using as a reference. The jowls seemed too flared out. I eventually put a strip of masking tape across the back to pull the mask into a better shape.
JoséC49 months ago

how are downloading the files? i´m trying of downloaded in PDF but no result. Help me!! or send files for e-mail! Please! Thanks :)

you need to download the files as a PDO on your computer, then open them on the pepakura software.

gsbmorphs JoséC48 months ago
you need to download a program called pepakura
Max Schwab1 month ago

this is an amazing project, I am definatly making this. I just have one question, How did you shape the back of the head? I tried doing this with another project and it turned out horribly.

pfrank3 made it!4 months ago
after seeing your guide. I decided to have a go at making my own.
it took a while but here it is.
thanks for posting the guide
gsbmorphs made it!8 months ago
thanks for the guide.ur mask looks great so thought id give it a go.heres my build so far.
freementia9 months ago

Are some resins better than others?

stupidname1 year ago
Sweet! One suggestion, instead of the LEDs , the dollar store has mini red laser pointers that would be perfect for that.
ibonka2 years ago
AWESOME!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee could you give that PDF file to some other site where i could download it?? please i really want make this mask.

PS: sorry for my bad english
you need to buy it after you did that you can download the pdf and it is worth it !

good luck with making it !!
darklash5822 years ago
hello ,
when i want to download the pdf it always asks mmy password and when i inserted it i g back at the same page what do i do ??
, nice job i reaally love it !!
Mermaid7162 years ago
Marshon !
Awesome job. Wanted to know if you have a supplies list of the
things you used so I can go shopping. Also, do you sell any of these?
Thanks, D :)
naig3 years ago
que buen trabajo se agradese
S.E.G153 years ago
I'm trying to download the PDF file but it jus keeps reloading the page wat do I do???
marshon (author)  S.E.G153 years ago
You would have to ask Instructables about that. i have no control over the website or downloads ...
titch19933 years ago
every time i press some thing it say insert password what do i do ?
BIGANDOS3 years ago
Jaxes4 years ago
great job...thanks for sharing
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rasta mon4 years ago
evstafievs4 years ago
I want to make motorcycle helmet whith the face of predator. Can you help?
marshon (author)  evstafievs4 years ago
That would depend on a number of factors. For example, are you talking about painting an existing helmet? Which is simply a matter of transferring a design onto the helmet and spraying it with an airbrush.

I very much doubt the legality (or safety) of actually trying to make an entire helmet for use on the roads without some sort of safety certification. You don't say what country you reside in but if it's within the EU then this would almost certainly be illegal.

It may be possible to make the mask as part of the helmet visor, but again I think the limited visibility would be a cause for concern.
stayalive4 years ago
n1cod3mus4 years ago
Really good project you got there, are you doing the rest of the predator? I am in the process of doing the whole Predator, I have a biomask and have made my Latex Mask, I'm working on the body suit right now.

On my Biomask i have added LEDs as well but i have put them in with a switch to kill the circuit but also a reed switch as well and a magnet in the latex mask so when i put the mask on the LEDs turn on and when i remove the biomask they turn off automatically.
marshon (author)  n1cod3mus4 years ago
Although I have to make up the dreds for this, the rest of the 'cotume' will be painted on to a naked girl. That's when I finally get around to it.

I'm considering making the shoulder weapon though .....
I have found a good way to make dreads, you can buy pipe insulation thats about 25mm in diameter you it comes in a big real so you could cut it to length taper the end and put a weight in the end and coat it in black latex, done.

the shoulder weapon i have given some thought to, i'm thinking i will put a servo in it so i can make it retract to the safe position.

From what i can tell you use your stuff for photography so that wouldn't be required.

You could make the weapon from foam board by layering it up, and you can cut it using a polystyrene cutter or sharp knife, you could even make it out of polystrene
Reffner4 years ago
This is freakin' AWESOME! You did an outstanding job. I really wish I had the time and patience to do something like this. Way to go!!!