Predator Costume - Child Size


Introduction: Predator Costume - Child Size

Last Halloween I made my son a predator costume. It was very time consuming, but I think it was worth it! I used many different mediums in this project, including garage sale signs for the armor, backer rod for the hair, a muscle shirt,  fish net from the lingerie store (shhh, don't tell him), and lots of paint! This was a really fun project and it was great to see the reaction from people when we were trick or treating. He even won a costume contest!



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    You should really consider changing the name of this instructable...

    This is awesome!
    Can you give us a more detailed description of the process?

    Great job! Might want to change the title of the instructable though... At first glance I thought it said Child Prediator Costume.

    Great work, that costume is terrifying!