So you want to be Predator for Halloween, for a movie, or just because. Great. Don't we all? Where to get a good mask? Mass-produced ones look like crap, custom-made ones cost a small fortune. Just make your own for cheap. Most latex masks are made by sculpting a mold, taking a cast of that mold (sometimes twice), filling that with latex, and pulling the mask out. There's a much easier and budget-friendly way to do it. It's not perfect, but you get a pretty cool end-product when you're done.

Step 1: Materials and Cost

To make a latex mask, the first thing you'll need, obviously, is liquid latex. There are two main places to find liquid latex (in large enough amounts to make a mask): theater/makeup supply stores or eBay. You might find "Mold Builder" latex at a craft store. This is NOT good for masks; apparently there are chemicals that would make it unhealthy as a mask. Make sure the latex you get is specifically for mask making. If you have a good theater/makeup store in your area, you can see what they have, but it would probably be only a small bottle. You can ask the store about ordering more latex in a larger amount. One gallon of latex is a standard size, and would be more than enough for one mask (you could probably make several masks with a gallon). If you're going to be ordering it anyway, you can get it from eBay. It'll run you upwards of $50 for a gallon, or less if you can find an auction. fun_fx and ecbarista are sellers who currently have latex in stock. Halloween-time is the best time to find latex for sale (for obvious reasons). There are other online stores that sell latex; find a reputable one and make an order (I recently bought some from here, great price and quick shipping). The main materials (and cost) you'll need are these:

Liquid Latex - $40-50
Air-Dry Clay - $5
Styrofoam Head, Wooden Dowel, PVC Couplers - $14

The air-dry clay would be found at a craft store like Michael's. The brand I usually see is Amaco. Since craft stores usually have a 40% off one item coupon all the time, you can use that and get a good 10 pound block of clay for about $5. There are other options for clay that will be discussed later. You'll want a Styrofoam head to sculpt off of. A makeup supply store should have them, or if there is a Savers store around, they usually have them. Or eBay is a good option too.

Depending on what you already have lying around the house, the above materials may be all that you need to buy. Still, these are some other materials/tools that I used in the course of making my mask:

Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint
Dremmel tool
Aluminum Foil
Hot Glue

<p>So to be clear, sculpt the mask with clay -- then let it dry completely before latexification?</p>
<p>:) awesome!!!</p>
<p>no offence about other comment because it is awesome</p>
<p>you are one awesome mother f..ker </p>
i was going to make this but i couldnt get latex unless i made a purches of $50 or more <br>it sucks to be me cause i wanted to make this <br>
Her work is lovely! <br>Congratulations!
you should make a mounting setup for the foam head to be on. I made one once and had it with an adjustable angle setup. and I could rotate it also. And no worries of the mask falling over once too heavy with clay.
So for the neck part did you cut it off or what? and how far should the latex go like should it stop of the top of the head or should it go all the way down?
i live in Malaysia now... and from what i know, liquid latex is something Malaysians don't see evry day... Can get alittle help on where to find it? Please?
You forgot step one.... &quot;have awesome sculpting ability&quot;. Otherwise heartbreakingly awesome work.
BTW, your instructables are excellent!!!!!
I think this is more than awe-inspiring!!!! <br><br>One thing I wondered was... instead of using clay, have you tried using plasticine???? <br>I've used it on several sculptures for making molds, it is great for using with latex/plaster and paper mache and it can be used again and again &quot;I have some as old as 10 years&quot;. And it has more give than clay and can be used over days instead of hours..... Also, if I need the cast to be hard, I pop it in the fridge for a few hours, or outside in the winter...<br>It will get flakey after awhile but I just put Vaseline in my hands, mold it, and it softens up and can smooth out any lumps to a nice consistency.<br><br>I also find that &quot;Pam&quot; is a great/cheap mold release and helps smooth lumps as well.
Also, cheap laser pens are sold at some dollar stores. But the button is right on the pen.
&quot;If you want a laser light in your helmet, that's a bit more difficult.&quot;<br><br>Pistol laser sights often come with a remote switch to turn on the laser. But they are pricey, around $70-100us. And the remote has a short wire. All you would have to do is cut and rewire the wires to make them longer.<br>
awesome ! very helpful
i recently started with cheap modeling clay, the artist i got it from give me a tip, you work a small amount with a little extra water into a thick mud( called shellack?), then apply it with a paintbrush into the cracks, it takes quite a few applications over days but you can get a longer term model to work off, mine lasted for a while but as soon as i started moving it round it cracked again. the same clay i bought for $20NZD (~$10USD) can be found at the rivers here for free.
WOW! awesome man, congrats, might wanna beef-up to some more nasty looking eyebrow forms, 'cause this predator looks kinda depressed :/
That &quot;sad&quot; look came from the fact that the mask was so small and tight on my face and stretched it like that. I suppose it is also an issue that arises from molding off of a face that isn't specifically formed like your own.
Love your music choice for the video! What is it?
It's the music from the movie Predator. ;-)<br>and yes, it is awesome.
Completely incredible, damn fine job!<br>
WOW!! Very nice mask &amp; Ible! I also like the way you keep it as low budget as possible so that just about anyone can make it! 2 Thumbs up!
Dude this is fantastic the mask is excellent and the ible top notch.
A real easy way to make dreds is to use backer rod. It is a foam insulation sold in home improvement stores. Cut to desired length and taper ends. &quot;Paint&quot; the dreds with Plasti-Dip and attach to mask as usual.
Esta DPM!!!!!
Yes, thank you and<br />More Please!
I likey.
very well done, thanks for the detailed instructions !!<br>why did you choose plaster iso latex for this one?
Whoa, a full mask<em> and </em>the helmet?! Sick!<br> <br> Is that the Predator shoulder-gun in step 6 pic.3, is there more of this costume?<br> <sub><sup><sub>(<a href="https://www.instructables.com/file/FOCYWO0GE39IAH5/">https://www.instructables.com/file/FOCYWO0GE39IAH5/</a>)</sub></sup></sub><br>
came out totally awesome !

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