An improvement on the original predator mask, better detail and better paint job.

Having learnt a few things from making the original predator mask I thought I would make a second version of it and improve on what I had before, and here's how I did it.

Below is a comparison of the 2 masks, the mark 2 is on the left.

I also thought I would show the Bio mask that goes over the top of the mark to mask, I bought it on eBay but I made some modifications, I put 3 red LEDs in where the lasers go, wired this up to a switch and 9V battery and also a reed switch which is activated by the presence of a magnetic field. my plan is to put a magnet in the latex mask so when the bio mask comes in contact with it, the bio mask lights up.

Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need the following.


10kg of new plast (£30 direct from manufacturer) or other oil based clay (Plasticine/Kleen Clay) ideally terracotta or any dark colour, don't use white you won't be able to see it against the white plaster.

a male polystyrene head with bust, failing that a male head and unisex bust

25kg of crystacal R plaster (£30 eBay), or other hard drying plaster, DO NOT USE PLASTER OF PARIS, it's too soft.

a roll of burlap for reinforcing the plaster (£10 tomps.com)

a few pieces of metal sheet cut roughly to about 6 inches by 3 - 4 inches, you could use old biscuit tins, i just bought a sheet at the hardware store for about £15 and chopped it up roughly with tin snips.


a decorating paint brush

an art brush

clay tools, can be picked up fairly cheaply, or you can use whatever is around the house, pencils and the like.

a modelling knife

a flat blade large screw driver

a mallet

a hot glue gun
Air brush and compressor
<p>What do the bio masks do again?</p>
Spectacular work and a great instructable. You are very good with your explanation and technical terms (splodge).
Oh we see a clear winner here :-) this will obviously win the mask challenge... :-) <br>you deserve a halloween contest prize too! good luck! this is amazing :-) wish this stuff were freely available and cheaper too over here :-(
thanks, i'm no so sure about the mask challenge there are some very good entrys, and I have some issues getting my mask in to the competitions keeps erroring.
Oh dear...ask some help immediately from Instructables...an entry such as yours should definitely be IN the Halloween contest!
Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for detailing all of the exact steps you used. Some great information.
thank you very much, I try and put as much detail in as I can and take tons of pictures.
OMG! man this is awesome i can't believe people can make this stuff I HAVE TROUBLE WITH STITCHING!!! you guys are unbelievable
thank you for the compliment. <br> <br>its actually not that difficult, you just have to take your time and be patient. anyone can do it if they dont rush it. <br> <br>one of the key things is not to scrimp on materials, often things go wrong because of people cutting corners and getting cheap plaster or something, its not worth it, buy the right stuff for the job in the first place. <br> <br>anyway, enough ranting, hope you have a great halloween ;-)
Yeah you 2 thanks but still i'm not very patient <br>And i'm in Australia so we don't celebrate Halloween but being a vampire i go out any way very fun only..barley anyone give out candy cause we're not supposed to give it out in Australia or whatever

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