This is the best predator missile I can make :D I hope you like. Its only a model. 
This is one of my first time posting a project online. 
Yeah but it was just for funny :) and do you guess have MW3 on PS3? <br>add me :D <br>lxDlolomomo64
I play MW1 on wii, i dislike the ps3 and 360 very much.
+1 the aiming on wii feels a lot more precize (do you play with CCP or just wiimote?)
true. i use the wiimote with nunchuck =D you?
Me too =)
come look at my new sniper :D
come look at my sniper :D
Kid, dont believe everything COD feeds you, its not a predator missile, its a drone, or UAV which can drop laser guided bombs.
+1 you mean?
Nope, +5, lol. That comment deserves more than +1.
lol, thanks, i just hate people getting their information of weapons based off COD..... like i play it sometimes but i know 99% of things in that game are misleading lol.
I love the COD series, and I agree with you, 99% of the things in the game are misleading.
lol, the only COD i can say i had any fun at was MW1, the noobtubes, martydom and m60 were a pisser, other that that it was good.
+1 even though I like blops (not as many tubers as before, though second chance sucks.)
lol, the famas ruined the game XD
Hmm. I think the AkU and m60 are worse. I like the famas for in lower levels. I use silenced snipers more though. (especially in jungle and array)
ak74u and famas were way overpowerd and way overused =D the m60 wasnt that overused i think =D will you be going on MW1 later?
Cant do mw1 now. Maybe tommorow around 13:00 (12:00 for you i think)?
sounds good, ill probably be online then =D
Wait, do you do COD on the Wii? I used to, but then I got an Xbox 360, and COD is the best on it, and the same for PS3. I actually thought COD was sort of fun on the Wii, who gives a rip about graphics. Graphics don't make a game. The only bad thing about COD on the Wii is that there is a lot of stuff left out on the game (I'm not talking about the campaign). <br><br>P.S. Terminal, the map from MW2 comes out free for MW3 tomorrow, I'm excited. : )
take a look at my sniper :D
yes, cod4 i play, a good bit. lol, i fu**ing hate people thinking graphics are everything like, your not going to buy the game to stare at lol XD yes theres bits left out like some killstreaks and all..... lol MW3 on the wii is a disater, 75% of games are hacked and some hacks stop you from ranking up along with your weapons lol
That sucks. XD
plus its really MW 2.5 lol
Yeah, well, I've been with Call of Duty since day 1. The WW2 CODs had a better sense of teamwork almost than they do now. Also, in the WW2 CODs, you had vehicles you could use online. You could hop in a tank, a jeep, etc. I don't think their was any aircraft you could get in though. Plus there were a ton of sentries you could use around the maps. They still had kill streaks even, you just couldn't select what ones you wanted, it was always default when you got kill streaks. <br> I was pretty sad though when they were going to discontinue the WW2 CODs, but the MW series was and still is pretty satisfying, same with Black Ops.<br>
Nothing like good old cod3 lol, loved the game... the ww2 ones had wayyy more variety than black c**ks and mw1-3. lol, i think that 95% of games made nowday are overdone and crap XD
Hehe, true. Do you perhaps have CoD1? (still play it sometimes)
lol, on psp i do but i never play it, it could be the 2nd one, im not sure.
Ok. I don't know if I have it. I downloaded it once.
cool =D
Yep. Too bad every internet provider here needed to block The Pirate Bay from the <br>judge here. Stupid money addict pigs in the parliament &gt;8(
lol XD too bad they did that =/
Yep, there's hope though. They're gonna appeal the verdict (thank you google translate)

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