Picture of Predict the future for someone.
Years ago someone bugged me to put the rules of cartomancy on the computer.  So here it is a way to predict the future.  This program is for amusement only and makes no claim for any kind of accuracy. If it does it is quite a coincidence. Great for fun at parties.

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Note: Thinking of making a web version of this program.
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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
You need:
Pc compatible computer
qbasic  or freebasic.

Step 2: Download and run

Picture of Download and run
Download and then run gamcarto.bas in qbasic or freebasic.

Step 3: Done.

Picture of Done.
Have fun!

Note: printing the screen may vary from computer to computer.
Computothought (author) 4 years ago
This program could be easily translated into another programming language with appropriate graphics added
Brian H4 years ago
"Personaily"? I am personally amused that you can't spell "personality".
Computothought (author)  Brian H4 years ago
Read carefully. You used P E R S O N A I L Y in the program. Duh! Thatsnotaword.
Computothought (author)  Brian H4 years ago
Duh, your right. Maybe I did that to see where the code goes.
Computothought (author) 4 years ago
When you are prompted to save the file, you can always rename it there. Upsets me too.
Brian H4 years ago

DO NOT USE!!!!!!!!
Computothought (author)  Brian H4 years ago
That is a shortcoming of Instructibles.com of which I have no control.