Step 5: Cut your PVC

Picture of Cut your PVC
Time to cut the PVC - YAY!!
What we're doing now is making a protective edge for the screen as cut aluminum tends to be sharp (if I showed my cut finger, I would have to give this a PG  rating, and I don't want to be all edgy-like).  I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but I used a Dremmel on 1" PVC pipe.  Here's your goal:  To use as small of a diameter PVC as possible (small size makes it easier to cover comfortably with pillows) and to cut a THIN line down the length of the PVC for the screen to slide into.

*TIP: If using a Dremmel, take it SLOW (the movement, not the speed).  I went through quite a few cutoff discs before I realized a slow hand at a medium high speed was the best, otherwise the disc broke FREQUENTLY
*TIP 2: make sure the child this is for is not around for this part, because 12 broken discs on 2 pipes will teach new words to said child