Preparation of the Carrot



Introduction: Preparation of the Carrot

When we prepare carrots we will often use a pealer or a knife to peal it. They wast a lot of the goodness under the skin of the carrot though, as they get rid of to much skin.

This instructable is to show a easy and better way of pealing your carrots.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

You will need...

A sharp but small knife

A bowl

A choping board

A sive

Step 2: De Heading + Tailing

Now de head and tail the carrot.

Step 3: Scraping

Hold your knife at a 90* angle and scrap away from you.

Step 4: What It Should Look Like...

Picture 1 is half done(left) and half to do(right)

Picture 2 is the hole thing done!

Step 5: Finished!

Cut how you like, add to what you like as we are done!!!

Now you carrot is far healthier and there is hardly any wast! I hope this helps you with your carrot preparation;)



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