Introduction: Prepping Baking Pan With Insulation

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Insulating a cake pan prevents burnt bottoms or sides from burning or browning roo much especially for certain recipes that require a long baking duration. Cakes like Castella and Kek Lapis are often expose to high heat for a long periods of time due to their high butter and egg ratio. With the long exposure to heat, some cake pan pans like aluminium browned the bottom, sides or both really quickly. So by introducing insulation, they block the heat a little so the cake is able to cook for a long time without drying out too fast.

This is a cheap and easy technique if you are baking with aluminium pans and cakes such as Castella and Kek Lapis.

I do this because most U.S style range ovens are really big and retain the heat way longer than the small counter top conventional ones.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

An aluminium pan, preferably with straight sides
Corrugated cardboard
Aluminium Foil
Xacto knife *optional

Step 2: Draw the Outline

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Draw the outline of the bottom and/or sides of your cake pan with a pen. You don't have to be super precise as some of the sides will be trim for proper fit.

Step 3: Cut the Lines

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Cut the shape you drew on the cardboard with either a scissor or a xacto knife for a cleaner finish.

Step 4: Test for Fit

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Place the cut out into the pan and observe the fit. If it's a little too big too fit in snuggly, trim a milimeter away at a time. Adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Wrapping With Foil

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Once the cardboard fit snuggly, roll out some aluminium foil. Try not to wrinkle the foil.

Step 6: Wrapping Like a Parcel

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Fold the foil tightly and neatly like a parcel. You do not need to tape it as the folded sides will be facing the bottom of the pan. Also we do not want to introduce any type of tape glue melted into the pan while baking.

Step 7: Fit Into Pan

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Once completed, place the insulator into the pan, folded sides down, smooth side up. Almost done!

Before we start baking, make sure to line the insulated pan with parchment paper. Lightly grease the foiled sides and paste some parchment paper. After baking your project, discard the greasy foil and keep the cardboard for future use.


Baker's tip: All ovens have different temperaments. My oven have the habit of being too hot on top and the bottom, but not the sides. Adjust your insulation according to your oven's temperature characteristics.

Good luck!


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