Prepping an image for laser etching at Techshop

Picture of Prepping an image for laser etching at Techshop
This instructable incorporates how a colorful photograph can be turned into a contrasting black and white image, suitable for laser etching. I am not trying to make a photo-realistic etching, but a slightly artistic alteration of the animal.The image I am using is a stock photo and I claim no ownership or profit from this photo, I am merely using it a tutorial piece for learning purposes. This complete process was made at Techshop.
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Step 1:

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Beginning prep of the photo-  Altering the image into black and white is first. I prefer this step over greyscale because I think it offers more contrast.

Step 2:

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In this step, after the photo has been diffused into black and white, I had made adjustments in the contrast. These contrasts push past photo realism to, In my opinion, make a more interesting piece. 

Step 3:

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To achieve the effects I'd like, I have Isolated the head of the fox. This image than becomes suitable for other uses, such as stickers or logos. I did this by selecting the white paint brush tool, sizes varying in between 110px- 210px. I use 0% hardness on brushstroke.

Step 4:

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Here it illustrates the differences that are made using the Burn and dodge tools. The Image to the right has been affected by the burn tool. The burned tool was utilized in areas such as the eyes , ears, snout, and other features that I would like to be more prominent.

Step 5:

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After you are satisfied with your image, you can add other features. I did so with a triangles, giving a mock hipster company vibe. This is merely an example of what you can do with the image. Afterwards, I will save this as a PNG file and upload it into Adobe Illustrator. There, hooked up to an laser cutter, (I use the Epilog laser cutters at Techshop) it can be transferred to the material of your choice. Variations in speed and power will affect the final product, so experiment with the variations.
Krayzi991 year ago
"Oh. You're installing Chrome."
Thanks! I will also use this tutorial for some stencil ideas I have, but I wasn't really sure how to start.
Very nice! Did you get a chance to etch it on something yet?