"Presents" Christmas Staircase Decorations

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To go with my PRESENTS Christmas theme this year, I came up with this decoration for my staircase. I love it and It will definitely make a statement with my other “present” decorations. Here's how to make it.
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Step 1: Measure Your Staircase

Picture of Measure Your Staircase
paper slop template step 1.jpg
trim along crease step 2.jpg
Measure the length of your stairs, noting the length of the flat bottom presents you'll need and the length of the slopped bottom presents you'll need. For the slopped bottom presents you'll need to know what the bottom slop line is. To do this, tape a large piece of paper to the stair spindles and press it along the bottom to make a crease along the bottom slop.

Trim the paper along the crease and square up the right side if needed. This will be your template for cutting out cardboard “presents” going down the staircase.

Step 2: Cut Out Cardboard Presents

Picture of Cut Out Cardboard Presents
cutting wide slopped presents.jpg
Using your template as a guide cut out various size presents from heavy cardboard.

For presents wider than your template: Lay the template on top of the cardboard piece you want to use, lining up the bottom right corners. Lay a ruler along the bottom edge of the template and draw the bottom line the length you want on the cardboard. Sorry the picture is kinda blurry!
That's awesome. Simple, functional, beautiful. Well done sir.
ngriffith4 months ago
Great idea my wife is so gonna be doing this
Pegsgottado (author)  ngriffith4 months ago
Thank you so much! I would love to see a picture when she's done...might add it to my blog if it's OK.
mheymad4 months ago
that is a really cute idea
Pegsgottado (author)  mheymad4 months ago
Thank you!:)

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