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Introduction: Preserve Leaves With Glycerin

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Painting on leaves have been around for ages. Mainly in the Asian continent, though now you see less of it. It is a fun project and great to introduce children to the art of leaf painting.

To do leaf painting you need to first learn how to preserve leaves. There are many ways such as pressing leaves and drying it out, but I prefer this method as the leaf retains it's flexibility giving it a more natural appearance. Though the title says preserving leaves, you could also preserve plants this way.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this you can even use fresh leaves or if you want to preserve leaves with branches then get your branches too.



Paint - Anything goes.

Step 2: Mix It!

Mix 1 part glycerin and 2 part water. That means for 1 cup of glycerin you use 2 cups water :-). Soak your leaves in it. Make sure that every part is evenly coated. You can even use something heavy to hold it down. If you are using branches, fill a vase with the mixture and stick your fresh branches in it.

Step 3: Wait!

Check it during the next few days. make sure to move it around so that all the leaves are well coated with the mixture. Here it is after 6 days. The branches would take more days.

Step 4: Check It Out

Check the leaves. See how the leaves are flexible and it has a soft sheen.

Step 5: Dry It!

Place on tissue and clean off excess glycerin.

Step 6: Your Leaves Are Ready

Your leaves are now well preserved and ready for anything you like, such as table decor, leaf painting and so on :-). Some people I know have their leaves for more than 10 years!

Step 7: Paint It!

Here I have painted some leaves. I just used acrylic paint. You could also use house paint. I would not recommend water colors as it could wash off. My leaves are just the same after 1 year!

Hope you try it and show me what you come up with! And please don't forget to vote!!! :-) Thanks in advance.

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    can I use a container with a lud for the leaf/glicern/water mix?Don't want bugs or the cat in it.

    1 reply

    Oh definitely :-) . In fact I closed my container with a lid too! Every day I kept moving the leaves to make sure all leaves got well coated.

    make that lid.

    A 50ml bottle costed me around $0.50 . I'm not sure how much it would cost you in your place. The below comments suggested a place where you can get it. Hope I helped :-)

    Oh my, I want to try this. Thanks for sharing and do have a super weekend~


    2 replies

    Thanks! lovely to hear from you :-) please post pics of your results !

    I will. Thanks again for sharing~


    2 years ago

    Done.great shazni....... wish u all the best.

    1 reply

    Thanks loads Azra! looking forward to seeing some of your great food soon ;-)


    2 years ago

    Awesome...we have some Crocus leaves that this would work great on...gonna give it a shot.

    2 replies

    Great! can't wait to see what you paint :-)

    Great! can't wait to see what you paint :-)

    Without even looking at the name, I could tell it was my favourite maker-instructabler Shazni. Thanks for another great classroom idea :-)

    1 reply

    Thanks! :-) Glad to help in the class room . You must be one excellent teacher!

    That is a most unusual art form, sad that it has fallen from favor. When I used to recane chairs some decades ago, you could find liquid glycerin at the local pharmacy, and plenty of it for cheap. I recently wanted some to add flexibility to real wood veneers I needed to glue up, and couldn't find it anywhere except the 'net and of course the cost was ridiculous. Now it seems the only form of glycerin the pharmacy sells is a suppository- no thanks, don't need. ☺

    2 replies

    Try or for good quality glycerin in bulk of small amounts.