Preserve Your Questionable Substances


Introduction: Preserve Your Questionable Substances

Millions of dollars are spent each year by the US government to keep certain substances away from you. The paradox of it is that efforts to stop drug trafficking actually make the drugs themselves more valuable. As more of your tax dollars are sucked away, the traffickers wallets get fatter and fatter. All over substances that could be regulated, sold, and sin-taxed to help the economy.

This guide details the best way I have found to preserve your substances using nothing but the baggy it comes in.

Step 1: Obtain Bag of Questionable Substance

I won't tell you how to obtain these mysterious and forbidden substances. Ask a local college student.

Step 2: Begin to Roll Bag

You want to roll it as tight as you can, much like rolling a cigarette.

Step 3: Continue Rolling

You want to keep as much air out of the bag as you can

Step 4: Begin Twisting the Bag

When there is 2-3 inches left stop rolling with your left hand, but continue rolling with your right hand.

Step 5: Fold in Half

Once you have completely twisted up the bag, fold it in half. It should sort of do this naturally.

Step 6: Tie the Two Corners

Find the top two corners of the bag and tie them together with a regular overhand knot. You can stretch the plastic a little if they aren't long enough.

Step 7: Complete the Knot

Now wrap the corners around the entire thing and tie another overhand knot to secure it.

Step 8: Marvel at Your Ingenuity

This is by far the best way I have come up with to keep things fresh and moist for days. It will never come unrolled unless you untie it.



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    That's a generalized statement, coffee is a drug and it's not all that bad. Depending on the drugs in question the real problem is moderation, too much of anything is bad news, we're not talking heroin or meth here we're talking marijuana. I'd like to see some data on the amount of deaths caused by weed. I'd also like to see a study on exactly how much you need to smoke before a giant oreo-peanut butter-maple syrup-banana-sandwich goes from an idea to a necessity.

    A study presented at the annual meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists looked at different types of cannabis, including skunk and hash, also called resin. Psychiatrist Dr Marta Di Forti and colleagues compared cannabis use between 112 patients who had experienced their first psychotic episode, and 75 healthy people acting as controls. Those with psychosis were twice as likely to have used cannabis for longer, three times more likely to have used it every day and 18 times more likely to use skunk than those who used hash. Both groups of people were from south east London. Skunk has higher concentrations of the active ingredient delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - which is linked to psychosis - than hash. Dr Di Forti said: "Of those people coming to us with first episode psychosis, more than 80% had used skunk. "Among those acting as controls, 76% had used hash. "My message is that people who develop first episode psychosis are significantly more likely to use skunk than hash. "It's like when you look at a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine, the difference between the two apart from the taste is the percentage of alcohol in them. "One is much stronger or potent than the other and it's exactly the same with cannabis." Cannabis is currently class C but Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wants it to be reclassified to class B from early 2009. The move from class C means the maximum prison sentence for possessing cannabis increases from two years to five years. Cannabis was downgraded to class B in 2004 but the more widespread use of stronger skunk prompted a backlash. we are not talking of direct deaths here but we are talking about people frying there brains and then going out and killing innocent people! i think you need to think about what your saying and maybe grow up a bit pal,theres kids who use this site and your coming on here and saying weeds ok???

    killing people. wtf. do you think that really happened??? it never happened in amsterdam even tough there are thousands of drug tourists here every day. maybe that weed was spiked with PCP

    im not possitive on thiss on thiss one but i think firearms are banned in germany im not anti pot just throwin it out there

    This was actually very informative. Thanks. CANNABIS IS A GATEWAY DRUG! It is often smoked in "spliffs with tobacco, and as such can lead to a powerful niccotine addiction, which is far more dangerous. If alcohol were discovered tommorow, it would immeadiately be classed as a class A or B drug. It is many times more dangerous than weed, both indirectly (behaviour) and directly (health effects). However, in moderation both of these drugs are actually very "safe". I have never used cannabis, but I strongly believe people should be allowed to make their own choices in regards to such "safe" drugs, and even to do so in a controlled environment without fear of retribution. I would reccomend that anyone who does wish to try cannabis does so by ingestion, not inhalation, and not as a result of peer pressure. In response to those flagging this, there are many worse instructables, and thousands of things worse on the net. The internet is not a safe place for you children, and even up to age 18 it can be hard to have formed a strong moral backbone. It is hardly suitable to be explaining to 12yo children how to have sex or use a condom, but these are not the target audience. A little thought is necessary to stop us descending in to the health and saftey ruled "nanny state" that much of the west has become

    weed is not a gateway drug, people that like to rebel however will smoke weed first, when they get bored and want to rebel some more they start taking heavier drugs.

    i been a weed toker for a long while i dislike ciggarrets and have no desie to smoke them somtimes i spliff my joints or blunts, but thats only because i dont have enough weed to fill the rest of it i do not have a nicotine addiction, i think tobbacco in any form is a disgusting and expensive habbit weed is not a gate way drug crack is wack indeed to weed

     This is obviously about people that ALREADY suffer from psychosis.  Says so in the second freakin sentence.

    Can you actually put words and sentences into understandable media or do you suffer from some kind of learning difficulties? Just where does is state that the people already had psychosis before they used cannabis? This was a report on CANNABIS  users only!
    I dont know how your brain is interpreting what your actually reading but i think your getting slightly mixed up somewhere along the line.
    Maybe i should have added some simple pictures or diagrams for your infant orientated mind to grasp.
    Maybe you should re-read the third line here-
    "colleagues compared cannabis use between 112 patients who had experienced their first psychotic episode"
    The key words your searching for are 'cannabis' & 'use'
    Either you should concentrate more at school or if you have left school you should ask a friend to help you out with your reading.

    These were people with psychosis. They were studying the use of cannabis among users that already suffering from psychosis

    "112 patients who had experienced their first psychotic episode"

    "who HAD." past tense, dumbass.

    I was involved with the survey you knob.ALL the people tested were users of cannabis.
    Why on earth would they do a survey about cannabis and not use people who use cannabis lol.
    Are you really a guerilla or just a freaking monkey?
    go back to sleep you tool.

    Three times now its taken me to try and get you to understand a simple fact.
    Do they not have a tutor in your zoo?

    You weren't involved in anything.

    You are a troll! The study is irrelevant to the discussion. Your assertion that people are going out and killing innocent people because they are under the influence of marijuana is absolutely ridiculous.

    noone has ever died from consuming weed

    who's noone lol:)

    You need to learn a bit about scientific referencing - as this is a classic example of how facts and extracted and meshed-up solemnly to conveniently promote a personal statement that is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY far fetched:

    "but we are talking about people frying there brains and then going out and killing innocent people!" (in case anybody is in doubt)

    I am stunned that nobody has flagged you for putting forward such a ridiculous and stupidifying end argument. Also, the 'on the surface' factual context you put forward is - to put it mildly - constructed. In fact your sources seem to be copy/pasted simply to fit into your line of thought.

    One can only guess what you are referring to by your last appallingly statement - and respond accordingly: When dealing with psychological issues or illnesses things are a TINY bit more complex than you'd obviously like to believe.

    All drugs - whether coffee, cigarettes, alcohol or cannabis should be used with care. If you are afrid of drugs - don't use them. If your are not - use the with respect and respect others as well. Honestly, you should spend you energy making it less easy to get hold of the guns used for murders as you do seem to care about your fellow man.

    Here are a few facts for you - let me know if you need specific references for documentation:

    Cannabis is used to treat and put relief to cancer patients.

    Cannabis / marijuana was used and recommended as a medical plant long before the infamous Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937?

    The Marijuana Tax Act was promoted by CIA and yellow press propaganda - and passed despite leading Dr. William C. Woodward, Legislative Council of the American Medical Association deemed the act an act of absurdity given the beneficial medical qualities of the plant.

    Some of the cannbinoids contained in THC (TetraHydraCannabinol) have been identified to to act as carriers for serotonin(e). The active chemical contained in antidepressives such as Prozac.

    Here are some further facts for those who actually care to check the annual causes of death in the US :

    Please notice: marijunana is NOT listed.

    please, for everyone's sake, either be quiet, or show some real proof that weed is dangerous

    Can I ask a favor?? Could you show me where you got this study...because marijuana doesn't make people get angry and kill other people. And also I haven't seen a comment on here yet that said weed is ok to smoke. Someone needs to watch where they find their information because its FALSE!!


    "Each day, more than 30 million Americans take an NSAID for quick, easy pain relief from common ailments like headaches and arthritis. Because these drugs are easily accessible and can be very effective, there is a misperception out there that they have no risks," said Byron Cryer, of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. "In reality, there are serious side effects associated with inappropriate use that patients need to recognize." NSAIDs, including the pain medications aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, are one of the leading causes of stomach ulcers and have been associated with side effects ranging from stomach upset to stomach bleeding, which can be life threatening. In fact, NSAID use leads to more than 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths each year in the United States. Illegalize NSAID!