Introduction: Preserving a Spare Alternator.

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It's always good to have a spare alternator. They fail when least expected. This one I got is working fine but it's a bit grimy from the car. The car has another one in operation so I want to put this one into storage.

Step 1: Cleaning.

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I used engine degreaser to get the grime off. Took only 7 minutes of cleaning and washing off in clean water to clean most of it off.

Step 2: Ready for Storage.

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Now the windings and casing are a bit cleaner and into the storage room for this baby. When it is needed in the future, I can easily swap it out knowing it's ready for use!


blkhawk (author)2015-07-12

Could you use this alternator and a small gas engine to build an electric generator?

mechrisme (author)blkhawk2015-07-12

I've seen people do that but it would just put out a 13 volt +/- DC power.

blkhawk (author)mechrisme2015-07-13

That problem could be solved with a power inverter. A Harbor Freight power inverter is the cheapest option!

mechrisme (author)blkhawk2015-07-13

you could pair that up with an inverter to make a generator but you would pry need a battery but you must mean a convertor since an inverter converts 12 DC to 110 ac

blkhawk (author)mechrisme2015-07-13

I don't know what a "convertor" is. Would you mind linking your comment to a site or a picture?

These is the best project so far:

Mjtrinihobby (author)blkhawk2015-07-13

Anything is possible.

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