Here we have a sculpture I did of president Obama wrapped in an ornate spiral lattice for the 3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge. I started out sculpting him with a dark suit and a red tie like we see him in the various Christmas related photos, yet it just didn't look right so I sculpted him a Santa suit. :D

I had planned on adding a lot detail to the ornamental lattice, but I spent way too much time sculpting his face and so I ran out of time. This was fully sculpted in Zbrush. I have two files available. One is WRL format for full color 3D printing and the other is STL for with no color data for those who like to hand paint their 3D prints.

If you print this, take photos and post it in the comments! I would really love to see your prints!

If you like my art show your appreciation by voting for me in the contest. Thanks! I really appreciate it! :D

Since I spent extra time designing this so that it can be 3D printed in full color I thought I might as well put it in one of my Shapeways shops. If you'd like my design for yourself and don't want to spend time printing it you can get one for your tree here.

Thanks for taking a look!


Sculptural artist James William Kincaid III



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    I'd like to see the steps for sculpting the President.

    Ah darn, I don't have a project file for this. I don't save project files because they take up so much hard drive space, a gigabyte and up. Had I saved a project file I could have created a timelaps movie of the entire process from the undo data.

    Are you wanting to learn how to do digital sculpting? If so, you'll want to look into a software package called Zbrush. If you'd like to learn Zbrush a good place to start is here: That's where I fist started out years ago. You can get the software for free for 30 days and the retail version is about $750. They also have student discounts.

    Actually, I was hoping to see that it was your own work. There is an Abraham Lincoln ornament in the 3D printed challenge that started off with a downloaded file. (kind of cheating, I think).

    Oh! I see! HAHA! :D Yes this is 100% my sculpt. I'm extremely talented in this area. I don't need to cheat. Here's a few screen caps.

    screen cap.jpgscreen cap2.jpgscreen cap3.jpgscreen cap4.jpg

    Ooo Obama looks awesome in Santa regalia! And the filigree on the outside, so pretty!

    Very nice work sir, I love it... I too entered the contest... Orbital Snow Flake

    That is, quite possibly, the most horrifying ornament I have ever seen. That being said, you did a great job on the design.

    I know huh! HAHA! :D If it were an image it would be fine, but as a sculpture it does have a horrifying aspect to it. :p

    Thanks for you appreciation. :)