Spiced Apple Canning from home, you ask? 

Step 1: Acquire Apples

Go get apples. Either from the store, or from a tree. We won't judge.
<p>Did you pressure can or water bath can these? Where did you find your processing times? I'm interested to try it!</p>
<p>Pressure canning. We just did a google search and did some research that way. Also usually when you buy your pressure canner it will come with a little booklet to help out. </p>
You are making this very complex and it need not be..... Sterilise the jars lids and seals. Fill the jars and seal then heat until the lids are slightly bowing upwards. Remove from heat and place on cardboard, newspapers or old folded towek to cool slowly. The lids will then 'pop' down wards and the jar is sealed. You dont need to use a pressure cooker just a large pan. Simples:)
<p>That is not safe! The point of processing things in a pressure canner or a waterbath canner is to kill anything that might be living in the food or in the jars. The seal is really secondary, and a &quot;symptom&quot; but not the &quot;cure,&quot; if you will. Just heating them enough to &quot;bow&quot; the lid upwards is not enough time to kill any of the bugs that might be inside. Your method isn't safe, and you wouldn't want to make someone sick...</p>
Hot water canning (with out pressure canning) is not safe for all types of food. Also pressure caning allows the food to last longer before it expires. See http://pickyourown.org/allaboutcanning.htm
<p>I'm curious: does fruit HAVE to be BOILED for canning? Why can't I can baked apples, as long as they were covered and kept moist and juicy? They come out so lovely, I would love to find a way to preserve them!</p>
Ive tried canning apples. They all cooked to a mush inside the 20 minute water bath. I must have wasted about 40 apples attempting several quart not to mention my time. <br>
:/ bummer! I've actually found that certain grocery store apples tend to &quot;crumble&quot; per-se... I'm not sure why, possibly because they've got a lot more water in them, and they turn that mushy consistency. If that happens, you can always re-purpose into a sauce or something ;)

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