Picture of Presta (and schraeder) compressor tool
Build a head for your compressor to fill your presta valve bicycle tires. Something like this is available commercially, but I already had the blower tool, and wanted to see if I could build it at a lower cost.
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Step 1: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
  • compressor blower tool
  • Silca presta pump head. The one I got came with the barbed fitting that fits schraeder valves in addition to the press-on presta head.
  • 1/4" male pipe threads to 1/8" barbed adapter.
  • 1/8" plastic tubing (like for a refrigerator ice maker)
  • 1/4" brass street tee fitting
  • pressure valve

Step 2: Attach tubing to pump head

Picture of Attach tubing to pump head
I just pressed it on. You can use a hose clamp if you like, but I haven't had any problems using it without.

Step 3: Remove the schrader fitting from the valve

Picture of Remove the schrader fitting from the valve
Just unscrewing it reveals 1/4" pipe threads. Discard the fitting and rubber bushing.

Step 4: Assemble the guage and blower tool

Picture of Assemble the guage and blower tool
If you are going for the pressure guage, thread the guage into the 1/4" tee, and thread the tee into the blower tool.

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
Attach the tubing with the head to the 1/4"x1/8" adapter. Again, just press it on to the barbed end. Thread the adapter into the tee, and you're done.
I like it! Simple and to the point, but, theres always a but, that tubing will fail! It will likely burst without warning. Farm and home stores sell rubber and vinyl pressure hose for air compresors by the foot and a couple hose clamps are only a few dollars. If that tubing you're using ruptures in your hand plan on a trip to the doctor. Other than that it's great and still works as a blower.