This is a cake I designed and assembled for my older son's 5th birthday.  It's pretty easy, and not that expensive (about $25-$30; $17 was the cake, so if you're a baker, even less).  It requires no specialized scientific knowledge, and is safe (enough for my 5-year-old and his friends; YMMV).  Everyone was duly impressed (if I do say so myself, which, in fact, I do), including the 'Mad Science' guy we hired as the entertainment for the party (you can see him check it out in the video- he's the guy in the lab coat behind the birthday boy).  It's my first Instructable, so constructive criticism and comments are welcome!

Step 1:

For this cake you will need:

A cake (mine was from Costco, $17); I asked them to write on one half and leave the other half blank.  There's no reason that you couldn't bake your own, however.
Candles- traditional in my country (America)

Crisp Rice-Type Cereal, chocolate flavor (technically, I cared more about the color than the flavor).
Marshmallows- probably 2 bags, depending on the size of your volcano
(The previous two ingredients are to make the Rice Krispie Treat recipe that will be used to construct the volcano)
1 small plastic cup (mine was from Ikea ; I chose orange to enhance the lavaesque appearance)
Red or orange frosting
Dry Ice; you only need a little bit, but it sublimates quickly, so get more than you need, particularly if you are buying it on a different day than the party.  I got 10 Lbs the day before, and this was probably way too much even with test runs, etc.  5 Lbs should do it.  Google "Dry ice (your zip code)" if you're not sure where to get it.
Tongs/Gloves to handle the dry ice , and a hammer to break off chunks would be handy but not necessary.
Not pictured:
Butter (for Rice Krispie Treat recipe )
A little water
4 Plastic forks, broken to the height of the cake to support the weight of the volcano
Disposable gloves (for volcano molding)
Cooking spray oil
Plastic wrap

Dinosaurs- I bought a couple packs at the dollar store. 
Not pictured:
1 wooden skewer & hot glue gun (for pteranodon support)
<p>Do they make the volcano equal with the whole mix or do they share the mix several times?</p>
Yummy idea! imma gonna try it!
This turned out so well!
This turned out so well! <br>My youngest is turning 6 in a month and loves dinosaurs. <br>I will so be making this cake for him! <br>Thanks for posting, I love this idea!
This is AWESOME!<br /><br />I love the fact you've combined a store-bought cake with rice-crispie treats and dry ice - it's the perfect blend of time-saving and awesome-looking. The dinosaurs are a great bonus. Might I suggest a fudge tar pit for the next version?
A tar pit is a great idea! I think I'd go with chocolate syrup, in keeping with the &quot;time saving&quot; theme. Thanks for all the nice comments, and if any of you are so inclined, you can vote for it at the top of the page in the &quot;Party Food&quot; contest!
That is totally wicked! I'd freak out with joy if someone showed up with this on my 21st birthday. Props to you for being such a doting and cool (obligatory pun, sorry) father.
Kids Love stuff Like this!!! Heck I love stuff Like this!!! nice job!

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