Picture of Pretty Lace Hem
 Add some vintage charm to your sewing projects with this delicate lace hem. This technique works best on lightweight fabrics, so use it for skirt and dress linings, or nightgowns and slips.
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Step 1: Pin the Lace

Picture of Pin the Lace
Pin the lace all the way around your hem. Keep in mind that the bottom edge of the lace will be the bottom edge of your hem.

Step 2: Sew the Lace

Picture of Sew the Lace
Using a short and narrow zigzag stitch, sew the lace all the way around along the top edge of the lace. 

Step 3: Trim the Hem

Picture of Trim the Hem
Fold back the lace along the zigzag stitching, and trim along this line as close as possible without cutting the stitching or lace. When you're done, sew together the overlapping lace using the same zigzag stitch. 
Maeyet4 years ago
What do you mean in Step 3 when you say "sew together the overlapping lace"? You sew the lace to itself??
happyseamstress (author)  Maeyet4 years ago
Yes, after you trim the fabric away, sew the lace to itself where it overlaps with a zigzag stitch.
Ahhh, so that it finishes the edge of the material the lace is sewn to.

TY for the reply :)
bridge474 years ago
Cool! I can't wait to try it