this is a paper origami ball i made one day, and i hope you like it. dont forget to rate!

Step 1: Make the Parts

here you will learn how to make the sides. the pics are numbered below.
1.you will need 6 sheets of paper. 3 colors, 2 of each color.
2.start with the white side up.
3.fold in half and unfold.
4.fold the other way and unfold.
5.the fold diagonal and unfold.
6.fold the other way and unfold.
7.flip over.
8.fold in all the corners to the center
10.fold one side to the half way line.
11.fold the other side in.
12.fold one side up to the half way point.
13.fold the other down.
14.follow pics 14-16.
17.repeat for the other 3 corners.
18.follow pics 18-19.
20.repeat for the other 3 corners.
21.fold in sides like so.
22.repeat for the others.
23.follow pics 23-24.
25.repeat all around.
26.fold in corners.
27.make sure corners are at a right angle.
Totally awesome!!
How do you get from the 5th pic to the 6th?
never mind....i got it!
very cool I wish i could make it but its against my religion
Are you serious? No, really, If you are serious I'm in shock. Great instructable! Thank you, I'm making a cute one as a gift :3
no no no... i LOVE origami i just feel it's not to make origami with tape ( if you kept reading the comments you would have seen i corrected my self
Ah, heh, ok. I understand it.If it calls for scissors glue or tape, it shouldn't be called origami. But hey, it's up to you to find the duct-tape-less way! :D
You don't need sissiors..
I wasn't referring to this one in specific, but in general. Anyway, I didn't get to finish it and gift it, because I then found a paper toy for valentine's :3 But I think I will do this sooner or later, cause I have plenty of draft paper (that will eventually go to recycling) and some ones need to take care of all that paper :D
I gave on to a good looking girl and she freaked.
one to refrase<br>
dude or dudette your camera is way out of focus don't zoom in so close
yayayayay I did one of the sides and its going ok so far i'll tell you how it goes in a day or when I do it, bye...
imrobot I agree with you with that you can only use paper, and the picts should be be quality. but other than that not bad!
*to make origami with tape
WOW!!!!! cool
this is pretty cool =D little blurry though<br/>

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