Picture of Pretty Part Ornaments
After looking around at some different stores I found that most of the ornaments were a little too conventional and way too expensive. Especially considering they were pretty low-quality. So I went about the house gathering supplies and I came up with a funky and artsy alternative to traditional ornaments!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
I used the following: an old Barbie doll, glass beads, bigger pearl-like beads, a solid colored nail polish, a clear and shiny nail polish, scissors, and thin silver wire.

Regular or hot glue would probably be useful, I just didn't have any around at the time. Additionally if you have any other little toys or trinkets around you can use the same process--I used a few little plastic lizards and it worked pretty well.

Warning: There's a lot of wriggle room in this craft and this is my first time making an Instructable so I apologize if my directions aren't concise enough.
security164 years ago
The nail polish will more than likely over time eat through the vinyl legs you might be better off using some gesso then water based acrylic paints that way it doesn't ruin the decoration!
famerebel4 years ago
*Belly, haha sorry. You're all what her bell? haha. my bad
famerebel4 years ago
How did you separate the bell from the, "crotch region, for lack of a better term" on the barbie? It looks so smooth on your ornament. Fantastic idea! I guess one could even go to the dollar tree and get a barbie there because they're really lightweight. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
snotty5 years ago
SWEET! It's like a chainsaw massacre Christmas.... a pretty and cute one.
King Crab5 years ago
Wow.. that's really weird...

I like it.
Very creepy.

Nice work though.