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They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but I've found that this old adage applies to pretty much everyone! Each year I make up a huge batch of something delicious to give to loved ones for the holidays and so far, homemade jam is the stand-out favorite. While making jam is a messy, all-day-long (but totally rewarding- make a batch now for last minute gifts for months!) process, wrapping up jam is quick and easy.
Feel free to adapt any of these materials to suit your taste: any decorative paper or fabric can substitute for the craft paper and if you don't like the ceramic spoons, try a vintage silver one instead!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
For one jar, you will need:

One jar of jam
Something to trace a circle 2 1/2" large than jam jar top (either a bowl, lid or a compass)
Craft paper
Decorative edge scissors- zigzag, scallop or both
Scrap paper for the label- I used an old ledger sheet
Typewriter or fine tipped marker
Sewing machine and thread, optional
Hot glue gun and glue stick
3' baker's twine (here's a giant selection)
A few spun cotton mushrooms (order them here or search for them on eBay)
One small spoon (mine are from CB2)

Step 2: Trace a Circle, Cut it Out

Picture of Trace a Circle, Cut it Out
Trace a circle that is 2 1/2" larger than the top of your jam jar. You can either find a bowl or lid that measures this or use a compass. Cut along these lines with a pair of decorative edge scissors. Erase any left over pencil lines.
fluffydragon11 months ago
Thanks for sharing. I've made jam every year for Christmas gifts for the last five years, and every year I keep making more.. This would be a nice way to present them!
rowinghome3 years ago
the spoons are a nice touch!. very cute! i love to give gifts such as yours! my specialty is apple butter and if you don't mind, i will use your craft paper topper idea on my holiday gifts!

keep jammin'
sunshiine3 years ago
Very nice entry! Thanks for sharing!