Pretty Princess Face Paint




Introduction: Pretty Princess Face Paint

Girls everywhere always wanted to dream of being a princess, and this design inspired by Ashley Pickin is the ideal design for pretty little princess wannabes!

Colors Used

  • Mehron Paradise: Yellow / White / Dark Pink / Black
  • Urban Decay Electric Shadow in Urban and Savage

Step 1: Yellow Tiara

First, I used yellow paint to create the shape of a princess tiara.

Step 2: For the Eyes

Next, for my eyes, I used Urban Decay Electric Shadow in Urban and used some white paint over it for highlights.

Step 3: Pink Heart

Then, I drew a neon pink heart in the middle of the tiara using neon pink paint.

Step 4: White Details

Then, I added details with white paint, including swirls, droplets, and tiny dot embellishments.

Step 5: Black Outline

Then, I outlined those details, including the heart in the middle with black.

Step 6: Lipstick

Finally, I finished off with a bit of Urban Decay Electric Shadow in Savage for both my lips and cheeks. For the lips, I actually started off using dark pink paint, and then went over it with the shadow.

Step 7: Pretty!

Now, that it's complete, check out my gallery of me painted as a pretty princess!



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