Easy DIY roses and pearls headband for Fashion Fun.

Make this for your flower girls, bridesmaids or for yourself!

Step 1:

You will need these items: one headband, fabrics, pearls, netting and basic tools.

Cut flower shape petals from the pink and blush fabrics. 2" wide.

Cut circles from the netting, 1.5" wide.

Cut leaf shape petal from the green organza, 2.5" long.

Step 2: Star Shape Netting Flower

To make the star flower: fold the netting circle in four then sew the thread through the edges. Pull the thread and you have one petal. Repeat to get five petals then add a pearl to finish. Make 6.

Step 3:

To make the rose: alternating the different layers of fabric flower shape, stack them up and fold the the petals by placing an individual petal in the center of two others. Keep it from flattening and finish it with a pearl. Add the green organza leaf. Make 6.

Wrap the headband in your choice of ribbon or a strip of fabric then sew the flowers on.

Step 4: Beautiful Rose Headband

You can make this headband for flower girls, bridesmaids or just for everyday fun fashion!

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<p>it looks awesome..well done..:)</p>
<p>You should enter this in the wedding contest! https://www.instructables.com/contest/wedding2014/</p>
<p>Thanks. I am thinking about it.</p>
<p>Sooo pretty and elegant! </p>
<p>Thank you !!!</p>
<p>I want to try that. one day do u have whattpad</p>
<p>Thanks for liking and yes, please try it! Sorry, I dont have it (wpad)</p>

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