Step 3:

Insert the coins in the base and the plastic plug above the coins.

<p>could you make a Piano Tiles(android an iOS game) robot?</p>
That's as easy as getting a few photoresistors, arduino, and some method of triggering the screen (The design I used a while back involved solenoids). <br>Unfortunately, I never really documented it, and didn't save the code. It only took a grand total of 15 minutes to write, and I was fresh at arduino IDE at the time.<br>(Basically consists of the photo resistor detecting the color change, and the arduino powering the correlating solenoid.)
Seriously thinking of building this for a school funded project (credit will be given where it is due)<br>Could you PM me the exact servos, high torque servo, arduino motor shields, and infrared sensors that you used?
<p>Sweet! You have effectively invented a perpetual 'notion' machine... well done! :D</p>
<p>@silkier: Who will judge the worth of any pursuit? You? Me? MikeTheMaker? There will be three answers.</p>
<p>By far a Great! &quot;Useless Machine&quot;</p><p>Great idea for beginners' learning</p>
<p>Does ever so much better than my dog. I throw, she retrieves but won't bring back, sigh.</p>
<p>I love the narration in the video. Hilarious!</p>
<p>SUPER gona make this some day.</p><p>Keep up the good work.</p>
<p>What a wonderfully pointless device.</p><p>It does start the brainbox wondering if just maybe the thought and time to produce it might have been occupied in a more worthwhile pursuit...but no, what the heck, it's marvellous just as it is.</p>
<p>...yes! A 'Sisyphus' machine! Well done - </p>
<p>Thumbs up :-) I love machines that are constructed with the intention to do nothing (unlike machines that are intended to do something and actually do nothing).</p>
Simply amazing! It manages to do so much while doing nothing. I already voted for you.
<p>Thank you! I enjoyed the challenge of putting it all together.</p>
I can not find the code for camera, searching the &quot;thing&quot; an all logic around.
<p>In step number 17, &quot;vision_soft.ino&quot; is the code for the Pixy camera. </p>

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