Picture of Pretty Vase From Plastic Bottle
Why spend money to buy a vase. You can make one for free in a few minutes.
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Step 1: Get Empty Water Bottle.

Picture of Get Empty Water Bottle.
Make Mark On Bottle Where this will be cut..jpg
Get Empty water bottle. Make a mark on the top where you will cut this and remove the top off.

I used a dremel to do this. If this is not available a knife would work too. Be careful and do not cut yourself.

Step 2: Remove top and stick tape.

Picture of Remove top and stick tape.
After the top has been removed. Stick tape on this to avoid being cut by sharp edges.

Remove plastic wrap on the bottle to make the vase look pretty.

Step 3: Fill bottle with shells or rocks. Add Flowers.

Picture of Fill bottle with shells or rocks. Add Flowers.
Fill the bottle with shells or rocks to make this heavy. Add the flowers and place in nice location to decorate.
coolcat (author) 6 years ago
Sanding this would be a good idea. Will not have to deal with fire burning the plastic and other hazards related to this.
canida6 years ago
I'd recommend heating the cut edge (with a lighter, etc) instead of using the tape - it will produce a nicer edge. The shells look great as bottom weights!
Or just sand it.