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This is a fun way to create a pair of decorative wings for an angel or fairy.

Step 1:

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These are the steps for the first side of the wing. We start with a blank sheet of cardboard.

Step 2:

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We use a pencil to sketch the outline of our wings on the cardboard. The design can be whatever you want.

Step 3:

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We use an exact-o-knife to cut out the shape of our wings along the lines that we drew.

Step 4:

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You can wrap the entire wing in duct tape or packing tape, or just reenforce the weak spots depending on the strength of the cardboard.

Step 5:

Cover the wing in tissue paper. It can be whatever color you want, depending on the color scheme of your wings. It does not have to be perfectly wrapped, there can be wrinkles in it for texture. Secure the tissue paper with small bits of scotch tape.

Step 6:

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Choose which colors of feathers you want to use to decorate your wings. We chose purple and white. Use hot glue to paste each feather to the wing. There should be no white space left over. If you want to, you can blend the feathers to make a pattern.

Step 7:

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Repeat each step for the other wing. Remember that the other wing is backward when you are cutting and feathering.

Step 8:

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Attach the two wings using hot glue and pipe cleaners. The amount of hot glue and pipe cleaners vary depending on the weight of your wings.

Step 9:

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Cover the hot glue and pipe cleaners with more feathers.

Step 10:

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Accessorize the wings with glitter, jewels, etc.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-02-17

Those are very cute! Do you have a way to wear them?

you can attach straps and wear them if the wings are stable enough :)

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